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Adoptive Parent Rights & Responsibilities

Foster father sitting outside talking to his foster son about a serious topic.

Becoming an adoptive parent comes with serious responsibility. Once the adoption is finalized, you’ll have all the same legal rights and responsibilities as any other parent. Legally speaking, it’s the same as if the child were born to you.

Adoptive Parent Responsibilities

  • Meet the child’s basic needs for food, clothing and shelter
  • Provide a safe environment for the child
  • Welcome the child as an official and permanent member of your family
  • Transport the child to all appointments and activities
  • Monitor and strengthen the child’s academic progress
  • Advocate for your child when services or resources are needed
  • Provide consistent guidance and discipline
  • Help the child understand their circumstances in the most positive, sensitive way possible
  • Respect, honor and recognize the child’s heritage, identity and culture