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Choosing an Adoption Agency

Adoptive parents meeting with their adoption agency

One of the first steps in your adoption journey is choosing the right agency for your family. The agency you select will guide you through the process. It will help you with the application, conduct the homestudy, help you find a child who would be a good match for your family, and even help your family with resources long after the adoption finalizes. In Ohio, families who are planning to adopt from the child welfare system can be approved to adopt by a private agency or by a county public children services agency. 

Public Children Services Agencies

Each county has a public children services agency (PCSA) responsible for providing child welfare services. This includes services to match children in foster care who are available for adoption with families who want to adopt. Most county agencies complete adoption homestudies for families considering adopting children in foster care.

Private Agencies

Although private agencies are licensed and regulated through the state, they have their own missions, values and even religious affiliations. Many private agencies work with PCSAs in helping find families to adopt children currently in foster care.

Do Your Research

First, find a list of agencies that complete adoption homestudies in your area by using our search tool. Then, narrow your options down to a few agencies that complete adoption homestudies in your county. 

To find the best fit for your family, consider asking the questions below:

  • Where are your offices located? Is that where training takes place?
  • How much training is required for the homestudy? Is any training required or available after my homestudy is approved?
  • How soon would someone start working on my homestudy?
  • What are the agency’s homestudy requirements?
  • How do I start a homestudy?
  • How often will the assessor visit my home to complete the homestudy?
  • About how long will the homestudy take?
  • How active of a role will the agency take in helping my family identify potential adoptive children?
  • What services does the agency provide for adopted children and families after finalization?
  • Can you provide references from parents who recently adopted from the agency?

Once you’ve decided on an agency, fill out and submit Foster And Adoptive Parent Inquiry Form. We will send this form directly to the agency. You should have a response within seven business days.