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Foster Parent Training

Future foster parents taking training classes to become licensed

Pre-placement training is required to become a licensed foster parent. The training program required by the state takes 24 hours to complete and covers basic knowledge about foster care and adoption, as well as agency policies. The training sessions aim to help prepare potential foster families by increasing their knowledge of parenting children who have experienced abuse or neglect. They also explain the child welfare system and the roles of those involved in it.

Different agencies have different training schedules, including evening and weekend sessions. Try to attend all training modules in the same session, as this will help you get to know other families and build your support network.

For more information about training, including course descriptions, please visit https://ocwtpcaregiverscorner.weebly.com/preservice-training.html. If you are ready to sign up for pre-placement training, please complete the inquiry process, and your agency will contact you.

Continuing Training

Training doesn’t stop once a child is placed in your home. Licensed foster parents are required to complete 30 hours of training every two years or 45 hours every two years for specialized care. Information about these courses is also available from the Ohio Child Welfare Training Program.