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Continued Training for Foster Parents

Foster parents in classroom learning about foster parenting techniques

Pre-placement training is required to become a certified foster parent, but training doesn’t stop once you receive your certificate. Foster parents must complete additional ongoing training every two years, as well. The requirements vary depending on the type of foster care provided:

  • Family foster care requires 30 hours of training within each two-year certification span.
  • Specialized foster care requires 45 hours of training within each two-year certification span

Specialized foster care is often referred to as “treatment foster care” or “medically fragile foster care.” Children in treatment foster care need extra care – for example, because of a mental health diagnosis or a physical impairment. Children in medically fragile foster care have significant and intensive health care needs putting them at risk for institutionalization in a medical or mental health setting.   

Just like pre-placement training, ongoing training is provided at the Ohio Child Welfare Training Program's eight regional training centers throughout the state, and at various private agencies. Talk to your agency about the possibility of taking some classes online if that interests you.