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About Us

The Office of Families and Children is part of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. It oversees programs that:

  • Prevent child abuse and neglect
  • Provide services to abused/neglected children and their families
  • License foster homes and approve adoptive families
  • Provide residential care for children
  • Investigate allegations of adult abuse, neglect and exploitation.

Ohio is one of a handful of states with a state-supervised, county-administered child welfare system. This means that the Office of Families and Children oversees programs administered by locally controlled county agencies. The Office of Families and Children develops regulations, provides technical assistance, and monitors how public and private agencies implement those programs. It ensures compliance with federal and state laws, rules and policies while partnering with local agencies to improve outcomes for children and families across the state.

Our Vision

Ohio's children, youth and vulnerable adults have a safe and permanent family that nurtures and promotes their overall well-being.

Our Mission

Through partnerships with public and private agencies, we support the delivery of services to improve outcomes that promote safety and well-being.

Our Principles

  • It is our responsibility to provide leadership and maintain organizational and professional competence.
  • Policies and supports should be strength-based and recognize the uniqueness of each community and agency.
  • There is urgency and importance in our work.
  • Each staff member has a role in our work and must be held accountable to promote safety and a sense of belonging for children, youth, and vulnerable adults.
  • Each staff member has a responsibility and commitment to the agencies and individuals that we serve.
  • We seek ways to include the voices of youth and families in our work.
  • Every person has value and should be treated in a manner that is respectful and culturally responsive.
  • Partnerships and collaboration enhance the quality of outcomes.
  • Partners are given voice in a decision-making process.